Top 20 Headiest Sessions Of 2017

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Join us in December as we countdown the TOP 20 Headiest Sessions of 2017!

#20 – River Whyless

Kept trying to get these Asheville natives in the Van, it didn’t happen, now it has, and looky here, they made the list. That means it was good.

#19 – Drac & The Swamp Rats

The haters said a band that dresses like monsters was a foolish booking. The haters said it wouldn’t be rad. IF YOU AIN’T GOT HATERS YOU AIN’T POPPIN! Keep suckin’ Drac!

#18 – Sunny War

Saw her on the Instagrams, was like “dayum.” Had her record with us, still like “dayum!”

#17 – No Parents

In-N-Out bathroom song, nuff said.

#16 – Langhorne Slim

Monterey Pop was a nice place. This dude sings nice songs. Sixteen is a nice number.

#15 – Good Graeff

Every year we need some wild card picks that y’all ain’t gonna know but should know… This is that.

#14 – Kolars

Phases made it one year for crushing a Justin Bieber cover. Kolars is making it this year for doing the same with a Neutral Milk Hotel classic. Also, tap dancing…

#13 – Jamtown

Cisco Adler still thinks that he can beat our co-founder at basketball, that is a mistake. His new band Jamtown is not a mistake, it’s good.

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