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I’m not a big video gamer. Some Fifa or NBA here and there, more so in my formative years then in these paying my own bills years. Anyways, it’s always a wonder to me, how someone makes a video game, or how they made the TV screen, or how they made the electricity, or even more than how, I’m curious as to who had the first thought about it. Who decided let’s do this, and this is how we do it. I want to talk to you across the world, let me figure out how that works. I want a controller thingy to make Mario smash on Koopas. I want to use that controller thingy to make you dance, etc. etc…

How does one even comprehend that? I was never good at math or science, math I was laughably bad, but even if I had understood calculus or computers like twice as much as I do now, I would still be light years away from understanding how any of it works. That could go for a lot of things in life, not just technology, but in regards to the latter, when it’s as cool as what’s going down in these videos, well, I go to the old fail-safe, Quote Juicy J. “It’s trippy mayne,” and just dance…