North Mississippi Allstars

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  • Rollin' and Tumblin'

Things happen in a blink… For example, we went from filming sessions in our backyard to filming sessions all around the country in what felt like a very fast two years. Another good example, is that I went to grab a snack at High Sierra Music Festival and no more then three minutes had elapsed when I got a text saying “North Mississippi Allstars have half naked girls dancing in the van with them!” So I obviously ran my ass back to the Lagunitas’ Barn where we were parked, dodging hippies and heads alike, jumping over slack lines and avoiding hula hoop decapitation, all the while not being in my best running form that day.  I doubled over upon arrival, and then doubled over a little bit more when I realized that they were just girls in bikinis.  Bro, that ain’t really “half naked,” but you know what else?  It ain’t really half bad either…

North Mississippi Allstars have been doing it for a lot of blinks.  If you Google them it says 1996 is when they started up.  That’s deep back.  I’m sure there have been lots of broads in bikinis, lots of half naked ones even.  They probably all blurred past, seventeen years, blink, and there they are in our Jam Van, everyone on their own fast tracks to who knows where.  Then you get three memories put down on tape.  Three really amazing memories, locked in music, locked in the thought of how it felt that day, how the sun was shining, the smiles were bright, and the vibes were good.  This is where the music comes in, because it can help you slow down.  Reel it back and think on it for a minute.  Because even if you blink, you can always play the song again.