Larkin Poe

Larkin Poe Finalized
  • Jail Break
  • Stobborn Love
  • Sugar High

Whenever The Van pulls onto the freeway we roll anywhere between 5-8 dudes deep. We sometimes bring our female intern along, but in general it’s all guys. That means the smell ain’t great, the cleanliness ain’t majestic, and the manners leave room for improvement. Unless of course a band of girls shows up. Then, oh man, watch those dudes straighten their hair and the floor and start using proper English real quick. So if you take a gander at Larkin Poe you can assume that they caught us on our best behavior with all candy wrappers and food crumbs swept off the floor and out the front door. However, if you listen to their tunes, watch their fingers fly over their strings, well then you can also assume that they weren’t buying the act our crew was selling. In short, these chicks are bad-ass, so watch out…