Five Knives

Five Knives
  • Dirty Souls
  • Savages
  • Shake My Bones

We started in my back yard, now we’re here… ha! Here being on top of one of the famed hills of Hollywood, at a mattress showroom for one of the hippest mattress companies in the game, Casper. Because every brand can benefit from mixing it up with good bands. One of that day’s bands was Five Knives, a group that you might be able to classify as “Electro-Pop” music, or more simplified, “music that you can shake your ass to.” When we were in the backyard stages of Jam in the Van, that genre was not one that we initially game-planned to cover. It wasn’t our area of expertise and so we didn’t necessarily grasp how cool it could be conveyed through the eyes of the Jam Van. Fast forward to present day and we now get that the utility of what we create expands beyond the boundaries of genres. We can fit any and every type of sound in this Van and it will get bottled up in that uniquely intimate space, and it will pop out sounding amazing and looking equally awesome. Not to mention, it helps that we’ve been able to add trippy lights and fog machines along the way. My point being, when we were in that backyard in Venice Beach, I don’t think we ever envisioned ourselves in the Hollywood Hills filming a band like Five Knives, and that spontaneity that we’ve become accustomed to has been half of the fun in all of this. We never know what turn we’re going to take next, and that’s how we like to travel…