Bright Light Social Hour

  • Aperture
  • Sea Of The Edge

Our ride into Telluride, as documented many times over on this site, was not a smooth one. Between the van’s multiple breakdowns and the weather’s relentless precipitation, we arrived a miserable bunch, exhausted and soaked to the bone. Before we could retire to our condo for the night we had to set up our gear. That meant lugging equipment around in the rain and mud. I myself lost my footing a number of times and wound up with my butt in a puddle. I remember letting out one of those yells that you do just because you want to yell. Then sloshing back towards the van and stepping inside to warm up and survey the mud damage that I’d done.

Waiting within the van were a group of strangers with long hair. My first instinct was to tell them that this wasn’t a place where they could hang out and avoid the rain. However, they beat me to the punchline and introduced themselves as Bright Light Social Hour. They explained to us how excited they were to be playing the van, and just wanted to know what time they should show up for their set. Their enthusiasm and positivity was infectious. Suddenly I didn’t mind the mud, everyone gets wet, it ain’t a big deal unless you make it one, and we certainly have much bigger deals to make then that. Music, first and foremost, is the biggest deal whereby this van is concerned. The rest is just bad weather…