Atomic Sherpas

Atomic Sherpas
  • Dug in Deep
  • Interstellar Mojo Overdrive
  • Sco's Coven
  • Theme for the Wish Granters

It didn’t happen in The Van, but The Van was there, because The Van is what got us there. Both literally and figuratively. What I mean by that, is that we drove the thing to Joshua Tree, but we also would have never been in that place had it not been for all of the years we’ve spent working on this vehicle. We’ve been to Joshua Tree before, but never like this. This was an invitation by one of the area’s finest, Brant Bjork, to come out to his complex and spend a day immersed in desert rock and roll. So to be on that list of folks that were there that day was pretty special in itself. It also should tell you something about each one of the bands selected to perform at this session. This was no open mic. There is a level of headiness to each one of these bands that met a certain requirement for the day, believe that. Because when light turns to night in the desert, and you’ve been having a good time, you better damn well make sure the music matches the sunset and ensuing darkness. Because it gets really quiet out there, so it helps to have something loud to ward off the bad spirits and something trippy to dance with the good ones…