Anders Osborne Part Deux

Anders Osborne
  • 47
  • Sentimental Times
  • Tracking My Roots

A smile from Anders Osborne is contagious. The guy gives you a hug when he meets you, even if he’s just meeting you for the first time. That’s how I remembered him from our initial recording outside of his house on a rainy day in New Orleans, and when we ran into him again on a rainy day in Telluride, Colorado the only thing that had changed was the temperature.

It was cold out. That’s said from a Southern California perspective, but still, we weren’t used to those conditions. So when Anders rolled up wrapped in a scarf and knit cap, grizzled beard, big smile on his face and warmth radiating from his person, well like I said, it was contagious. That sentiment stuck with these videos. Some people are just good people. These here is good people, and these here is good videos. Warm up with some good music…